Our Products

Customized Polypropylene (PP) Products

  • Highly durlble and lightweight customized products.
  • On demand printing solution available for customized packaging products.
  • Recyclable products at end of life.
  • Cost effective.
  • Easy to handle while stacking when loading,Collapsible when empty.

Industrial Plastic Crate/Bins

  • Reduced Packaging and Handling Costs.
  • When empty,efficient stacking capabilities of the Crate.
  • Plastic Crates for Protect and safeguard your products.
  • Suitable for storage.
  • Fully recycable materials results in minimal wastage in the Supply Chain.
  • Environmentally Sustainable.
  • For Line feeding.

Foldable Large Containers

  • Sustainable as designed for a large number of trips.
  • It facilities improves safety.
  • Smooth loading and unloading.
  • FLC are quick and easy to foldable exact by one person.

Pallets Lids Sleeves(PLS)

  • High strength reduces product damage due to bulging,breaking and stack collapsing.
  • Effective for space utilization.
  • Replace only the part you need, Lower maiantainance cost and less waste.
  • an be completely collapsed when empty for effecient reverse transportation.

Plastic Pallets

  • Plastic pallets are easier to transport.
  • Plastic pallets are cost effective.
  • Plastic pallets are hygienic.
  • Plastic pallets are safer for everyone.
  • Plastic pallets take up less space.
  • Plastic pallets are more flexible and versatile.
  • Plastic pallets have a longer lifespan than wooden pallets.